Laipanmaa area is located in the municipalities Kangasala and Pälkäne in the Häme region of Southern Finland. It is a versatile hiking area with over 30 kilometres of guided trails, which offer the wanderer not only the peace and quiet of nature but also various types of forest, ponds, swamps, lakes and even imposing views. Read more about Laipanmaa or learn about the trails below.

Cludberry in Laipanmaa

Length: app. 11 km
Duration: app. 4 hours

The Elamo trail goes through versatile landscapes in the industrially used forests of Laipanmaa. The trail has few rises and drops and passes beautiful forest areas, peatland and lake shores. Elamo trail is great for a day trip and the terrain is also suitable for children.
Elamo Trail

Length: app. 3 km

Duration: app. 1,5 hours

The Laipanmaa Nature Path is a 3,5 kilometre ring trail in the Laippa industrial forest area, in between Rajala's hut and lake Ruokojärvi. The route has beautiful forest views for example for an afternoon walk with a nice packed lunch break at the lean-to.

Nature Path
Starting point of the trail is Pihtilampi

Lenght: app. 12 km

Duration: app. 5 hours

The Hirvijärvi trail is the longest of Laipanmaa trails and also offers the most versatile terrain and the nicest scenery for its hikers. There are rocks, ponds, marshy areas and lots of beautiful Finnish industrial forest along the trail. The trail, about 12 kilometres long, is good for a day trip as you can easily manage it in a day, even if you stop and look at the views a bit longer.

Hirvijärvi Trail
Sappee-Särkijärvi reitin varrelta

Length: app. 5 km

Duration: app 2 hours

The path starting from Sappee travel centre goes down Sappeenvuori hill in a beautiful forest surrounding and continues towards the lake Särkijärvi lean-to, which is located in a wonderful spot and offers a great place to rest before heading back. The travel centre’s services are nearby in case all the hiking made your hungry!

Sappee-Särkijärvi Trail